MX 300 (F, TF, TF LED) Fluorescence microscope

MX 300 (F, TF, TF LED)

Fluorescence microscope

  • Fluorescence microscope with ICO Infinitive optics
  • Ergonomical modern design
  • Quintuple reverse-angle ball-bearing nosepiece
  • 5 objectives s-plan achromat: 4х/0,10, 10х/0,25, 20х/0,40, 40х/0,65, 100х/1,25 (oil)
  • Fluorescence attachment
  • Fluorescence illumination system 100 W
  • Double layer specimen stage
  • Optical system provided with Anti-Fungus treatment
  • Perfect microscope for fluorescence

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MX 300 (F) fluorescence binocular microscope, standard set  09.0301.02
MX 300 (TF) fluorescence trinocular microscope, standard set  09.0301.03



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