MX100 (T) video microscope
OPTIX C900 camera
for Android


Classes at schools and universities.
Scientific research of biology samples
in transmitted light.
Microscopy of stained and unstained samples
in transmitted light.
Team work

By combining MX100 (T) microscope with a tablet and an OPTIX C900 digital camera, you get possibilities of team work. Output images from the camera on external devices or show images on the camera screen.
Video microscope MX100 (T) with OPTIX C900 computer-camera for Android

Endless possibilities

Digital camera-computer

Two in one — digital camera and a tablet


Ample opportunities

OPTIX C900 camera is compatible with all classes of microscopes

Universal solution

Microscope with a tablet camera. Built-in software based on Android for photo and video recording and storage. Use wireless and cable connections for communication with external devices: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, miniUSB, HDMI. SIM card slot allows the use of mobile internet. Use the microscope you have and increase its potential. Due to its universal adapter OPTIX C900 camera is compatible with all classes of microscopes — from a monocular to a stereo microscope.
Ergonomics of MX 100 trinocular head


High quality optics of MX 100

High quality optics

Convinient microscope MX 100

Attention to details

Siedentopf-type trinocular head with 30° inclination. The interpupillary distance is adjustable between 55–75 mm. 4 achromatic S-plan objective with antifungus treatement, 4x/0,10, 10x/0,25, 40x/0,65, 100x/1,25 (oil). Coaxial screws for course and fine focusing. Adjustment mechanism for smooth movement. Siedentopf-type trinocular head with 30° inclination.